Under the masterful manipulations of   Marionettist Anthony Rais, Totolino,the boy clown, transcends the fine line between fantasy and reality.  Rais’ presentation of Totolino is evidence of his painstaking attention to movement, expression and detail. Totolino is an amazingly life like Marionette.  He will amuse you, he will charm you, and ultimately he will tug at your heart strings.  The end result is nothing short of genius.
Malachi is a most unique marionette with a subtle blend of hand balancing and contortion.  His intricate manipulations lull you in to a fantasy of watching a live circus performer.  His features are lifelike and masterfully detailed, and his movements are fluid, performed with grace and athletic agility.  Malachi is sheer perfection.

The sophisticated Simone is our featured “showgirl,” festooned in a dazzling display of crystal, sequins, and feathers, who sings and struts across the stage epitomizing the glamorous Vegas dancer.
Sweetie is everyone’s best friend and enjoyed by young and old alike. She is a true case of “puppy love.” A great Marionette for promotions and public relations.

Rigga More-Tease

Rigg-a-more-tease could certainly qualify as the world’s oldest stripper. She will tease your mind and tickle your funny bone with her spicy striptease.  This “bone-a-fide” lady leaves nothing to the imagination... as she has already taken it all off!
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